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KNA Healthcare Solutions have been established since 2010 providing high quality training to various work forces in the medical field from NHS, to care homes and community care staff.


KNA Healthcare Solutions are passionate about achieving the highest standard of care to vulnerable people by ensuring all staff are trained in providing outstanding care and support to those in need.


KNA Healthcare Solutions pride themselves on supporting all service personnel from care staff to management teams and proprietors in achieving gold standard knowledge in care and documentation.

KNA Healthcare Solutions aim is to raise standards in establishments and services that they provide. Our team can assist you in meeting all standards required by the health and safety executive, care quality commissions and local health authorities.


Our training teams experience, knowledge and qualifications range from nursing and paramedic science to management of care homes and independent experts in their fields.


Our team can provide support and guidance alongside managers and proprietors that need rapid intervention.

95 West Fen Road, Ely, Cambridge, CB6 3AD 

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