Dementia Care 


Course Content 

Dementia Care Course assists with the understanding of what Dementia is, what a Dementia sufferer experience and what you as a care giver should provide to ensure the best quality of life for your client/patient or loved one.

  • A Brief Understanding Of The Anatomy And Physiology Of The Brain

  • Understanding What Dementia Is 

  • The Signs And Symptoms Of Dementia 

  • Common Types Of Dementia 

  • An Understanding Of How Dementia Can Be Managed 

  • The Importance and Effects Of Medication On Dementia And Why Personal-Centred Care Is Essential 

  • The Importance Of Pain Recognition With A Person Who Has Dementia

  • The Importance Of Good Nutrition And Communication, How These Affect A Person With Dementia And How Staff Can Help

  • The Importance Of Maintaining Meaningful Activities And How Staff Can Help

Course Duration Of Time 

Two Hours 

95 West Fen Road, Ely, Cambridge CB6 3AD

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