First Aid at work is a skill set that assists with addressing minor injuries from becoming worse to providing immediate life saving interventions to promote recovery, preserve life and prevent conditions from worsening

Emergency First-Aid At Work

Course Contents 

Course Duration Of Time 

6 hours 

  • Regulations Surrounding First-Aid

  • Managing An Incident And The Priorities Of First-Aid

  • Becoming Confident And Competent In Resuscitation                                                         

  • Practice Of CPR 

  • What Is A First-Aid Incident 

  • Recognising Unconscious Casualties - What Causes Unconsciousness? What Happens During Unconsciousness? 

  • Demonstration Assessment Of Unconscious Casualties, Including Theory CSF, Chest Injuries, Etc 

  • Demonstration Of Recovery Position

  • CPR Theory, Importance Of Oxygen Chain Of Survival, Definition Of Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Importance Of Defibrillator (GUIDANCE ONLY) 

  • Asphyxia - What is Asphyxia And  Recognising Asphyxia 

  • How To Deal With Choking, Asthma And Drowning 

  • Theory - Bleeding. Types Of Wound, Blood Loss And Shock

  • Practical Bandaging 

  • Burns And Fractures 

  • Understanding Anaphylactic Shock, What Can Cause, Why And Treatment 

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