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Food Hygiene & Safety 

Course Duration - 2 Hours

Description - This course provides the core skills that educates candidates in the measures that are necessary to be untaken to ensure preparation of food is fit for consumption and how to control or prevent hazards. 


Course Content 

  • An understanding of the Laws, Regulations and Policies relating to food hygiene

  • An understanding of how bacteria survive, multiply and have the potential to cause harm

  • The importance of personal hygiene for both staff and residents

  • An understanding of how cross-contamination occurs and how to prevent it

  • An understanding of receiving, storing, preparing and serving food to prevent cross-contamination

  • An introduction to HACCP and the importance of temperature controls

  • An understanding of the importance of scrupulous cleaning and disinfection of the environment, including waste disposal

  • An understanding of how pests are controlled

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