Health & Safety + COSHH


Course Duration - 2 Hours

This course provides the knowledge of the duties, acts and regulations that must be adhered to by employers and employees. During this course you will also gain the understanding of the law of COSHH. All candidates will learn their legal responsibilities in order to avoid injury to themselves and others. 

  • The aim is to make staff aware of their legal responsibilities as an employee in order to avoid injury to themselves and others

  • Be able to state both employer and employee duties

  • Explain the functions of the health and safety policy &promote good safety practices

  • Describe the process of hazard identification

  • Communicate the health and safety message to work colleagues

  • Delivering an understanding of how substances within the work environment are stored, how to assess the risks involved and how they affect health 

  • An understanding of the British and European legal requirements surrounding COSHH products

  • Understanding the effects of COSHH products and how they occur

  • Recognising the different classifications of COSHH product

Course Content 


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