We Offer Two Levels Of Medication Training - Introduction To Medication Level 1 & Advanced Medication Administraion Level 2

Medicine Prescription

Introduction To Medication- Level 1

Course Duration - 

2 Hours

Description - This course will provide you with the knowledge required to inspect, document and record the use and administration of medication. You will learn the importance of understanding the legislation associated with handing and storing medication. You will be educated of the various types of medication and the possible adverse reactions that may occur. 

Level 1 Is For All Staff 

Course Content 

  • An understanding of the importance of the care plan and legal obligations

  • An understanding of what is a medication, different categories, how they can be administered, including homely remedies, controlled medication and self-medicating

  • An understanding of adverse drug reactions

  • How support can be provided to other staff and residents

  • An understanding of what risks are involved with medication and the importance of reporting and to whom


Medication Administration - Level 2 

Description- level two is a progression of the core principles gained in level one medication management. During this course candidates will gain the knowledge required to utilise different routes of administrating medication. You will be provided with the legal requirements needed to achieve a high standard of medication management.  

Level Two For Staff Who Are Administrating Medication

Course Duration - 

3 Hours

Course Content 

This Training Includes All Aspects Contained In Understanding Medication (level1) And In Addition:-

  • Know About Common Types Of Medication And Their Use

  • Understand Their Role And Responsibility In The Use Of Medication

  • Have An Understanding On The Different Techniques And Routes Medication Is Administered

  • Understand The Correct And Safe Procedure For Dispensing And Administering Medication

  • Understand The Correct Procedure For Ordering, Receiving, Storing And Disposing Of Medication Safely

  • Understand The Importance And How To Promote The Rights Of Residents

  • Understanding The Legal Requirements For Accurate And Complete Record Keeping

  • The Importance Of Reporting Mismanagement Of Medication That May Have Been Made

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